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(The men's and women's baths are separate. A blue curtain hangs in front of the entrance to the men's bath and a red curtain in front of the entrance to the women's bath.)

1. 当您要进入浴场洗浴的时候,客室内为您提供了毛巾和浴巾。
(When you go into the bathing room, take the face towel and the bath towel provided in your guest room.)

2. 首先在更衣室内脱掉您的衣服。
(First remove your clothing in the dressing room.)

3. 将脱掉的衣服和提供的浴巾放进更衣室的篮子里面,带毛巾入场。
(Put your clothing and the bath towel in one of the baskets in the dressing room.)

4. 为了确保公共浴场池中的水干净清洁,在您进入浴池前,请在放置凳子和洗手盆的冲洗区域将自己的身体涂抹沐浴露并冲洗干净。
(Before entering the bathtub, take a washing basin and a stool from among those stacked in the bathing room and thoroughly wash yourself in the washing space. Washing before entering the bathtub ensures that the water in the bathtub remains clean.)

5. 在您进入浴池前,先取些浴池内的温泉水往身体上浇洒几次,以此来适应身体和温泉的温度。
(Before entering the bathtub, take some water from the bathtub and splash it several times against yourself to adjust your body to the temperature of the water.)

6. 然后,慢慢的进入温泉浴池。
(After that, slowly enter the water in the bathtub.)

7. 洗浴结束,须用毛巾擦干身体以后再进入更衣室,以避免更衣室有水迹造成不干净和滑倒。
(After getting out of the bathtub, dry yourself with the towel before going into the dressing room. Refrain from going into the dressing room dripping wet.)

8. 在更衣室里用浴巾彻底擦干身体,换上衣服离开。
(In the dressing room, completely dry yourself with the bath towel and change into your clothing.)


(Rules and Manners. You are requested not to do the following.)

1. 不要把毛巾放进浴池的温泉水里。
(Do not put towels in the bath water.)

2. 不要在浴池的温泉水里使用香皂或沐浴露清洗身体。
(Do not use soap to wash yourself in the bathtub.)

3. 不要在浴池里游泳。
(Do not swim in the bathtub.)

4. 即使温泉水很热,也不要把冷水随意的注入温泉池中。
(Even if the water seems very hot, please do not pour cold water into the bathtub.)

5. 不要在温泉浴池里拔掉水中的水塞。
(Do not pull out the plug in the bathtub.)

6. 对于头发长的客人,请用发夹或皮筋将自己的头发扎到头上。不要随意的将自己的头发掉入到温泉水中。
(For people with long hair, use hair clips or rubber bands to put your hair up. It is considered poor manners to let one's hair fall into the water.)


(The following regulations have been established to ensure your pleasant and safe stay here. We seek your cooperation in abiding by them. Failure to do so may result in the loss of permission to use the accommodations and other hotel facilities. In addition, please take special note that guests are liable to pay for damages in the event of an accident.)

1. 客房的使用(Room Use)
(Please refer to the `Emergency Escape Route` behind the door.)
(Non-registered guests are not allowed to stay in the hotel.)
(A long-term stay does not give rise to legal rights of accommodations.)
(Minors unaccompanied by their guardian(s) are not allowed to stay in the hotel.)
E. 客人表现出的不合理的要求和情况,将不被允许留在酒店。
(Guests exhibiting irrational to other guests will not be allowed to stay in the hotel.)
F. 发现违反规定的俱乐部成员,将来不允许入住使用酒店。
(Club members found violating the regulations will not be allowed to use the hotel in the future.)

2. 客房的钥匙(Room Key)
(Please confirm that you have locked your door whenever you leave your room.)
B. 当您离开酒店,请将房间钥匙交给前台。
(Please deposit your room key with the front desk whenever you leave the hotel.)
(Please show your room key whenever you charge your meals to your room at the restaurant.)
(Please chain the door whenever you are in the room or sleeping.)
E. 退房时需交还前台您的房间钥匙,客人如丢失需支付相应的赔偿金。
(Please return the room key when you check out. Guest will be asked to pay for the replacement of a lost key.)

3. 会客(Meeting Visitors)
(Please avoid meeting visitors in your room. Please use the lobby for this purpose.)
B. 请使用门链或通过窥视孔确认敲门的人的身份。如果发现可疑的人,请致电前台[9]。
(Please use the door chain or confirm through the peephole the identity of the person knocking on the door before opening it. If you find the person suspicious, please call the front desk[9].)

4. 客房内的注意事项(Notice about the Room)
(Please do not use any candle light or fire for heating or cooking inside the room or in the corridor.)
B. 房间内禁止吸烟,请到指定的吸烟区。
(Smoking is not allowed inside the room. Please smoke only in the designated corners.)
(Please do not use the room or lobby to conduct any business or administrative activities, and parties.)
(Please do not change or modify the room, or move the furniture without permission from the hotel.)
E. 请不要从房间内取走装饰品。
(Please do not remove the ornaments from the room.)
F. 一切损坏房间的行为都是禁止的,客人将被要求支付损坏财产的赔偿金。
(All acts that dirty or damage the room are prohibited. Guests will be asked to pay for the repair of any damaged property.)

5. 酒店受限的项目和活动(Restricted Activities and Items in the Hotel)
(Pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc. [except for guide dogs and service dogs])
B. 禁止携带点火或易燃物品,如火药和挥发油等。
(Items used for ignition or inflammable objects such as gunpowder and volatile oil.)
(Malodorous or toxic items.)
D.禁止携带其它非法物品。 [枪支,刀剑等]
(Other illegal items. [firearms, swords, etc.])
E. 禁止在酒店以外订外卖食品。
(Food delivery from outside the hotel.)
F. 禁止活动或造成[包括噪音污染]滋扰和影响其他客人的行为,如赌博,强迫行为,损害公众道德的活动等。
(Activities or words causing nuisance [including noise pollution] and repulsion among other guests such as gambling, coercive behavior, and activities injurious to public morals.)

6. 酒店停车场的利用说明(Use of Parking)
(Please do not leave valuables and other things inside the car in the parking lot. The hotel in not liable for any loss, theft or accident occurring when the car is parked in the hotel parking lot.)
B. 不提供代驾司机服务。
(Substitute driver service is not available.)





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